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Tastings, discovery tours, themed tours, a wide choice of activities for a fun discovery of champagne, its history and its making.

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See more information about La Cave aux Coquillages

La Cave aux Coquillages

The Champagne region boasts some amazing caves, containing giant shells, relics from the tropical sea that once covered the land. Visit 250 m of underground caves.
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See more information about À l'Allure Champenoise - Guided tours

À l'Allure Champenoise - Guided tours

"À l'Allure Champenoise" offers several discovery tours of the heritage of Reims and the Champagne vineyards in Citroën 2CV, an original, fun and cultural concept.
See more information about CAP Orientation

CAP Orientation

Curiocity, Mystery tour, a one-of-a-kind rally in Champagne! To tour our beautiful region, CAP Orientation offers original tours in the Champagne region which will enable you to discover unforgettable landscapes!
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See more information about La Cité du Champagne Collet-Cogevi

La Cité du Champagne Collet-Cogevi

Culture, History or Know-how, follow your heart and discover the incredible richness of our sites. A journey through history, art and wine in a lovely wine-producing city. Full wine cellar tour, an opportunity to learn about the history of Champagne followed by a tasting session in the Art Deco-style Villa Collet.
See more information about Vine Escape - Champagne Discovery Tour

Vine Escape - Champagne Discovery Tour

Thematic wine-tasting tours around champagnes. Champagne lunches. Tours are organized through the vineyards for you to meet prestigious champagne producers.
See more information about Cave CQFD - Ce qu'il faut déguster

Cave CQFD - Ce qu'il faut déguster

Located close to Reims (direction of Paris, IKEA commercial zone), it has a warm and comfortable wine-tasting area where you can taste a selection of wines and champagnes by the glass, enhanced with our appetisers.
See more information about Pré en Bulles

Pré en Bulles

In the charming village of Trépail, "Pré en bulles" offers an ingenious and very creative show that combines the enchantment of champagne with new scenographic technologies.
See more information about Mobilboard Reims

Mobilboard Reims

Initiations, tours, seminars, incentive: Discover the Segway in Reims and surroundings.
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See more information about Champagne Vallée Cruises

Champagne Vallée Cruises

Cruises on the River Marne between Épernay and Boursault.
See more information about Le Sentier du Vigneron

Le Sentier du Vigneron

The wine-grower’s way is a pedestrian loop 2.2 km long in order to know everything about Champagne and the Champagne region! Guided visit right at the heart of the vineyard. Champagne tasting at the end of the trail.

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41 rue du Bourg de Vesle

51480 Fleury-la-Rivière


25 rue Colonel Fabien

51100 Reims


3 bis rue Jean Monnet

51500 Sillery


32 bis rue Jeanson

51160 Ay


12 rue Corbier

51160 Mareuil-sur-Ay


13 rue de la Garenne

51370 Champigny


2 rue du Stade

51380 Trépail


51100 Reims


Bureau : 12 rue de la Coopérative

Embarcadère / Boarding : Quai de la Marne

51480 Cumières


1 place Garitan

51160 Mutigny

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