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Visit the monuments of Reims and travel through history.

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See more information about Sillery-Bellevue French Cemetery

Sillery-Bellevue French Cemetery

The Mausoleum, collective work of the Union rémoise des Arts décoratifs, was built in memory of the dead without burial of the battles of Champagne.
See more information about Chemin-Vert garden city

Chemin-Vert garden city

The Chemin-Vert garden city is the most important of all the thirteen garden cities created in Reims between the two wars.
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See more information about Saint-Jacques Church

Saint-Jacques Church

The oldest church of Reims after St. Remi Basilica. Its simple façade, pierced by three portals, masks a 12th century Gothic triforium and nave, and a flamboyant Gothic chancel.
See more information about Reims Opera

Reims Opera

The architects have retained the façade built by Alphonse Gosset in 1873, but behind it they totally restructured the interior of the last public edifice built after the First World War in the Art Deco style.
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See more information about Mars Gate

Mars Gate

The monumental Mars Gate dates from the first part of the 3rd century and gave access to the Gallo-Roman town of Durocortorum.
See more information about Bligny-Chambrecy Italian Cemetery

Bligny-Chambrecy Italian Cemetery

The cemetery of Bligny-Chambrecy houses the bodies of 3 440 of the 41 000 troops that were sent to fight in France to counter the German offensive in Champagne and on the Chemin des Dames.
See more information about Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand Russian Cemetery

Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand Russian Cemetery

This small cemetery is the place where the Russian graves of the soldiers killed on the battlefields of the Champagne where gathered. A chapel is dedicated to the 4 000 Russian soldiers killed in France.
See more information about Monument to the Martyrs of the Resistance and the Deportation

Monument to the Martyrs of the Resistance and the Deportation

Located on the Hautes Promenades, down the prospect of the Monument to the Dead, the Monument to the martyrs of the Resistance and the Deportation was inaugurated in 1955.
See more information about American Memorial Bridge of Fismes

American Memorial Bridge of Fismes

Pennsylvania 28th Division Memorial Bridge commemorates the memory of the American soldiers who liberated the city of Fismes in September 1918 and August 1945.
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See more information about Le Vergeur Museum Hotel

Le Vergeur Museum Hotel

Rich collection of furniture and artworks made up by Hugues Krafft at the beginning of the 20th century. Integral series of wood engravings by Albrecht Dürer.
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Route de Châlons

51500 Sillery


Place du 11 Novembre 1918

51100 Reims


Rue Marx Dormoy

51100 Reims


13 rue Chanzy

51100 Reims


Boulevard Desaubeau

51100 Reims


RD 980

51170 Chambrecy


RD 21

51600 Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand


Hautes Promenades

51100 Reims


Rue Hildevert Lefèvre

51170 Fismes


36 place du Forum

51100 Reims

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