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Follow in the footsteps of the Great War in Champagne: military cemeteries, museums, ruins and memorials.

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See more information about Monument to the Dead of Reims

Monument to the Dead of Reims

The monument to the dead of Reims was built during the reconstruction of the city, 60 % of which were destroyed during World War I, in memory of the 4 567 died soldiers and 740 died civilians from Reims.
See more information about Marne 14-18 Interpretation Centre

Marne 14-18 Interpretation Centre

600m² divided into 7 scenographic spaces show you 3 major times : Europe and Champagne-Ardenne before the war reminds you what the Belle Epoque period was, until the launching of the conflict.
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Deutsh, English

See more information about Sommepy-Tahure Memorial Room of World War I

Sommepy-Tahure Memorial Room of World War I

The Memorial Room of World War I has been established at the first floor of the Village Hall of Sommepy-Tahure, with the assistance of U.S. funds "Sommepy Fund".
See more information about Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand Russian Cemetery

Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand Russian Cemetery

This small cemetery is the place where the Russian graves of the soldiers killed on the battlefields of the Champagne where gathered. A chapel is dedicated to the 4 000 Russian soldiers killed in France.
See more information about Monument to allied nurses of Reims

Monument to allied nurses of Reims

The monument "to the glory of French and allied nurses victims of their self-sacrifice" erected in Reims after World War I was erected by sculptor Denys Puech.
See more information about Square of Victims of Gestapo

Square of Victims of Gestapo

The Square of Victims of Gestapo is located 18, rue Jeanne d'Arc, the location of the headquarters of the Gestapo that was installed in a house requisitioned by the Germans during the Occupation.
See more information about Bligny-Chambrecy Italian Cemetery

Bligny-Chambrecy Italian Cemetery

The cemetery of Bligny-Chambrecy houses the bodies of 3 440 of the 41 000 troops that were sent to fight in France to counter the German offensive in Champagne and on the Chemin des Dames.
See more information about Sillery-Bellevue French Cemetery

Sillery-Bellevue French Cemetery

The Mausoleum, collective work of the Union rémoise des Arts décoratifs, was built in memory of the dead without burial of the battles of Champagne.
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See more information about Fort de La Pompelle Museum

Fort de La Pompelle Museum

This fort was built in 1880 to defend Reims. The museum houses collections of military uniforms, weapons, canons and hats (among which the Friese collection of the Imperial German army).
Spoken languages :

English, Espagnol

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See more information about Saint-Remi History Museum

Saint-Remi History Museum

The various rooms surrounding the cloister house important collections dedicated to local history, from prehistoric times to World War II, to Gallo-Roman archaeology and more.
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Place de la République

51100 Reims


BP 31

4 ruelle Bayard

51600 Suippes


20 rue Foch

Mairie de Sommepy-Tahure

51600 Sommepy-Tahure


RD 21

51600 Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand


Place Aristide Briand

51100 Reims


18 rue Jeanne d'Arc

51100 Reims


RD 980

51170 Chambrecy


Route de Châlons

51500 Sillery


8 km de Reims

D 944 - Direction Châlons-en-Champagne

51100 Reims


53 rue Simon

51100 Reims

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