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Discover our 3 exceptional UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cathédrale Notre Dame
Notre-Dame Cathedral

This masterpiece of Gothic art dates from the 13th century. As a reminder of the christening of Clovis, the cathedral was the site of 25 coronations.

Adorned with over 2,300 statues, this is the only cathedral to display angels with open wings, including the famous Smiling Angel on the western façade of the north portal. The exceptional stained-glass windows mix styles from the Middle Ages until the 20th century. Not to be missed is the absolutely unique reverse side of the façade - which is as wide as the nave -and the kings' gallery with its magnificent statues.

Palace of Tau

Residence of the bishops and then the archbishops of Reims, this palace is now the museum of the architectural construction of the cathedral. Visitors can still see how the palace was in the 16th century and certain originals of the earliest statues from the cathedral are still in place. The displays include the history of royal coronations from 1223 - 1825, 15th and 16th century tapestries in the Salle du Tau, the robes of the coronation in the Charles X room, the hall of small statues, the hall of Goliath (the cathedral's largest statue) and of the Crowning of the Virgin and of course the treasury, where unique pieces from different coronations are displayed.

Saint-Remi Basilica

This Romanesque-Gothic abbey church has been built in the 11th century in order to house the holy ampulla and the relics of Saint Remi, the bishop who baptized Clovis in 498. St-Remi Basilica is a collection of history and art which should not be missed, with its Roman and Gothic spans, the collection of 16th century statues surrounding St Remi’s tomb and the retable used for three christenings.

Saint-Remi Museum

Adjoining the Basilica, the museum is situated in a former 17th and 18th century Benedictine abbey listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The abbey was keeper of the holy phial used in the coronations of kings of France. Around the cloisters, different rooms are devoted to history, from prehistory to the Renaissance, to Gallo-Roman archeology, to 16th century tapestries and to regional military history since the Gallish Wars. The magnificent chapter house should not be missed.


Cathédrale Notre-Dame


Palais du Tau


Basilique Saint-Remi


Musée Saint-Remi

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