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Reims, le champagne

Champagne immersion

Sparkling excursionto Champagne country

With our suitcases barely set down, we already feel that in Reims, Champagne is everywhere. It adds a sparkle to romantic encounters, outings with friends and evening events. It is much more than a beverage for important occasions. It's a whole world, combining the luxury of the greatest Champagne Houses, the majesty of their cellars, the splendour of the Champagne vineyards and the authenticity of an encounter with wine producers. The programme for your trip is already taking shape...

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Visite des caves de la maison de Champagne TaittingerOt Reims - Carmen Moya

Visit the cellars of a great champagne house

An essential part of any holiday in Reims is of course a visit to the cellars of one or more of the Great Champagne Houses. If you can, select at least two. The dilemma will then be which ones to choose.

With Cazanove, Lanson, G.H. Mumm, G.H. Martel, Pommery, Ruinart, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot, you certainly have a particular attachment or liking for one of these names. In any case, we can only encourage you to visit one of the champagne houses located on the site of Saint-Nicaise Hill, one of the three sites included in the Champagne Landscapes inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. What a surprise to discover their huge cathedrals of chalk, where millions of bottles are lying at rest. When your visit is over, the tasting stage will allow you to savour the flagship vintage of the House before perhaps going into the shop.


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Criss-cross the champagne vineyard

All you have to do is go through the gates of the town in the South to find yourself in an ocean of vineyards that carpet the hills of the Montagne de Reims. Take the Champagne Tourist Route and continue on to Verzenay, for example. The Lighthouse of Verzenay guides, not sailors, but travellers for a tour of the wine and vine museum. We learn the basics about Champagne and the icing on the cake is that those brave people who will climb the 101 steps to the lighthouse will have a breathtaking view of the vineyard in any season!


Not far from the lighthouse, stop at the Moulin du Verzenay, owned by Mumm Champagne. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the vineyards and will add a special touch to your photos.

Phare de Verzenay

Set off to meet passionate wine producers

typical signs of the wine producers. Along the way, stop at one of them. Many wine producers and cooperatives open their doors mainly on weekdays and passionately present their trade, from the work in the vineyards to the processing stages of Champagne. We feel in their words the love they bring to their “terroir” and to their family heritage. These authentic encounters will undoubtedly be one of the most vivid memories of your trip.


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# Practical information

To know

# The Champagne Tourist Route is a 600km journey

# Over 15,000 wine growers cultivate 90% of the Champagne appellation region.

#The label called "Vignobles & Découvertes" (Vineyards & Discoveries) is a sign of a professional's qualities for your enotouristic trip. 

Good deals

# With City Pass, get discounts on your cellars tours and your Champagne purchases.

# Champagne can be cheaper if you buy it at small producers houses. A good deal, especially during the Christmas Holidays!


# It's 10°C all year long in the Champagne Cellars. Don't forget to take warm clothes. 

# Geocaching is a fun way to discover the vineyards. Lots of caches are hidden in the vines. 

# Do prepare your visit to the Champagne Houses. Booking may be necessary several weeks before your arrival.