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  • Grape picker for a day
Champagne, Harvest

Grape picker for a day: Champagne Geoffroy

From 20 August 2020 to 15 September 2020
Champagne Geoffroy
4 Rue Jeanson
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Are you ready to put yourself in the shoes of an independent winemaker? Get ready to have an authentic experience with real wine enthusiasts. Whether you're with your partner, friends or family, it is the perfect time to discover champagne during the wine harvest as it’s one of the most important highlights of the year. On the agenda: finding out more about the Geoffroy brand with grape harvesting, a closer look at a stunning, traditional press, a cellar tour and finally a tasting session!

Situated at the heart of the Grande Vallée de la Marne since the 17th century, the GEOFFROY brand places the the local terroir at the heart of its wine-making process. Here, the locals humbly learn from and produce according to the terroir with constant perseverance and effort on a daily basis. This search to be at one with nature is guided by our philosophy for respecting life, the environment and above all, future generations who will live on this land.
To better preserve and strengthen the life of the soil and to make the roots of our vines draw up nutritive elements from as deep down as possible, our practices are natural, from ploughing, sodding wild-growing flora to organic soil enrichment etc...
Common sense, observation and minimum intervention are enough to make our grapes reach their best potential.

The dates will be determined according to the dates of harvest.
Alcohol abuse is bad for your health.
Tasting and picking reserved for adults.

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