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Champagne, Harvest

Grape picker for a day: CHAMPAGNE XAVIER LECONTE

From 20 August 2020 to 15 September 2020
Champagne Xavier Leconte
7 Rue des Berceaux
FranceGo to the address
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Are you ready to put yourself in the shoes of an independent winemaker? Get ready to have an authentic experience with real wine enthusiasts. Whether you're with your partner, friends or family, it is the perfect time to discover champagne during the wine harvest as it’s one of the most important highlights of the year. On the agenda: finding out more about the Jean-Claude Vallois brand with grape harvesting, a closer look at a stunning traditional press, a cellar tour and finally a tasting session!

Champagne Xavier Leconte originated in 1870, when Onésime Leconte brought viticulture into the family. The estate currently extends over 10 Hectares and is mainly spread over the communes of Troissy, Dormans, Mareuil-le-Port, Vandières and Aÿ. Each of its 41 plots is carefully considered according to its composition, exposure and capacity to grow particular grape varieties, so several cuvées are developed depending on the specific plots.
A representative of the 6th generation, Alexis Leconte preserves the soils and produces real terroir cuvées. He bases his actions on the lunar cycles and he works on the entire vineyard with an utmost respect for the environment. We have been awarded the High Environmental Value certification since 2014 and we have not used any herbicides since 2018. To further support this conviction, we have chosen to use some biodynamic techniques and we use plants to treat the vines and to encourage them to defend themselves.
In the cellars, the must is turned to wine in casks (25%) and thermo-regulated stainless steel vats (75%). As for the reserve wines, they are stored in vats where a perpetual reserve method is practised to obtain the finesse of these expressive wines which reflect the Leconte vineyard.

The dates will be determined according to the dates of harvest.
Alcohol abuse is bad for your health.
Tasting and picking reserved for adults.

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French, English

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